Human Resources & Industrial Relations Policy

Pic 6Introduction

Pinjarra Sandblasting’s continued success and business growth relies on the commitment, capabilities and productivity performance of our employees.

This is achieved through our commitment to the “world class” standards required in all our business activities.


Vision Statement

It is the Pinjarra Sandblasting vision to create a labour environment in which all project stakeholder’s experience:

  • An enjoyable association with the team environment.
  • A clear, and agreed, reward for their input to the process.
  • The desire to work together, as a team, in the future.



The shared aim of Pinjarra Sandblasting is to foster a productive and harmonious industrial relations environment that delivers benefits for the common good of the company, its clients and its employees.

In order for Pinjarra Sandblasting to provide high quality services to its clients and to maintain and enhance its reputation for excellence we see our people as being our most valuable assets and therefore the key to delivering positive outcomes for the company.



Continually work to improve employer and employee relationships.

Ensure a safe, harmonious and enjoyable working environment for all the employees during the performance of our work.

Understand and work to overcome any and all unique difficulties and pressure our jobs and/or projects place on our workplace.

Complete all jobs/projects on time and on budget without injury or industrial disputation.

Contribute and participate in training programs that develop a culture of continuous improvement and a competitive spirit of excellence amongst work teams.

Abide by the provisions of the relevant awards/agreements/legislation.

Recognise our responsibilities to our clients, customers and other employers by not taking unilateral action which could have flow-on effects.

Uphold and promote the grievance procedure as the core principle of win/win outcomes that ensure that disagreement on issues has minimum disruption to the workplace.

Promptly address any industrial relations issues that may arise in an appropriate manner.