Rehabilitation & Injury Management Policy

Front PictureOur Commitment

Pinjarra Sandblasting is committed to ensuring a timely and safe return to work for an injured employee.

This includes the rehabilitation of the injured employee to duties for which they are capable and which are consistent with their pre-injury status.



All injured persons will be provided with the tools and support required to ensure a timely rehabilitation back into the workforce.


Injury Management

Management will ensure that all work groups will have a nominated injury management coordinator who will provide support and guidance on injury management.


Medical Support

We will engage medical professionals who understand the requirements of your workforce by interacting with our employees at our places of work.


Our Actions

To ensure management of the processes we will set targets, develop, implement and maintain standards and systems and legal requirements.

We will regularly monitor and report on our process.

We will engage with our stakeholders to build relationships based on honesty, openness and mutual trust.

We will foster a relationship of openness to encourage employment interaction.

Every effort will be made in the areas of Safety education, Accident prevention, Hazard control, Injury prevention and rehabilitation, Health preservation and promotion to ensure that safety of the workplace, and the health of our workforce.